Time for a Blog – Finally

While I was browsing other photography websites in the Halifax area as well as Nova Scotia in general last week (yes photographers are a vain bunch and we look at each others websites – mines better than yours!), I came to realize one very obvious fact, I was one of the very few photographers without a blog.

I have to admit even though I’ve been a photographer for many years, I’ve resisted having having a blog, telling myself things like ‘blogs, that’s just for people with nothing better to do’ or ‘blogs, I don’t see the point and I would rather stick rusty nails in my eyes’. The truth is as a photographer, I’ve avoided using something that others know and understand to be a fantastic tool.

So here we are, I have a blog and need to figure out what to write and my mind has been blank for the best part of today, surprising as many will know at a wedding the one person who never seems to shut up or is lost for words is the photographer. That said my work is not all about weddings, that’s just one aspect, I cover portraits, including pets (I know the saying is never work with animals or small children, but that’s only an issue when they don’t cooperate, which never happens – honest). I also cover landscape photography, but for all of my work, I place one thing at the very fore – a genuine passion for what I do. That’s not to say my passion is not occasionally dampened by a dog that has decided to gift me a small puddle in my camera bag or a few chunks of dinner a baby was kind enough to share with my lens, or its tested by ‘Uncle Bob’, an ever present family member at a wedding and a story for another time given most photographers have come across ‘Uncle Bob’ at one time or another. In general though I love what I do and yes even the chunks, puddles and Uncle Bob’s as they are part and parcel of my work.

Now that I’ve actually joined the social media age, I’ll be posting regular photography articles, so keep checking in for updates. My aim is to post on photography, not just the weddings I cover, but also hints and tips for those who would like to improve their own photography skills. In spite of what some photographers may tell you, this is not some from of dark magical art, its a skill that like others you can learn. With a little help, most people can at least become capable amateurs and understand at least what some of the gazillions of buttons on your new fangled DSLR actually do and not just rely on the ‘green button’ setting. I’ll also do posts for couples who are looking for a photographer and things to look out for or avoid. No matter what some may say, photographers are not all the same, prices packages and most importantly the ability of a photographer can and does vary considerably, unfortunately like most industries there are even a few dishonest photographers out there. I’ll also be posting similar tips and ideas on landscape photography, so if your an aspiring landscape artist, or you simply want a few tips on taking better shots, keep an eye out for new posts.

Now that I’ve started blogging and to keep your interest, the next post will be 10 things to avoid when choosing a wedding photographer. This may sound like another dull ‘top ten’, but I’ll be sharing experiences from my own past, so I’m going to tell you some of the things I used to get wrong. The next posts after that will focus on the basics of photography and I have one excellent tip for anyone who wants to improve their photography, its real simple and very effective. Then I’ll move onto¬† landscape photography – so be ready to grab your camera and get frustrated to heck with mother nature!

I think that should just about cover my first blog, so until next time, thanks for reading and if you wish to comment or ask questions, feel free, that’s the idea of the blog.