For my landscape photography I work exclusively with panoramas. Why is that different you may ask, the answer is ‘its not’. Anyone can grab their phone and take a panoramic shot, or crop a larger image, but the result will be basically a camera phone panorama or a cropped image, therefore limited at best.

I certainly use multiple images and exposures along with other techniques to produce ultra high-resolution images, but prefer to remain true to the craft of photography to keep myself distinct from those who use equipment that automates the entire process of taking the picture.

The result, prints measured in feet not inches with levels of detail that I hope make you feel as if you are actually there, seeing, smelling and viewing what I do when I take them.

While my work includes new locations and sights, I also cover well-known locations. Just because everyone takes a picture of a great view from the same place, does not mean it’s the best, usually it’s the easiest. To that end every final image I produce is a combination of careful research, timing, technical knowledge, often a different stand-point, mixed at times with a little adrenaline.

All prints are produced using only giclee printing on premium satin or archival canvas paper. Mounting and framing not included. Please click on the gallery page to view more of my work.

If you would like a print larger than those specified on the Landscape gallery page please let me know, these can be done.

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