Pet portrait photography, which is not just dogs, is one area that I really enjoy. I get to combine two things I love, animals and photography. The challenge is, like very young children, pets may not always want to 'play ball'.

I work with you and your pet to get them relaxed in the studio or on location, so when the pictures are taken, not only do they look relaxed and natural, they actually are.

At the studio there is plenty of space, both inside and out to allow you pet to get used to the surroundings and time is always given for this. If you have specific requirements or your pet is especially sensitive or nervous, sometimes a pre-visit helps to settle them.

The easiest thing to do is call and we can chat about what it is your looking for and remember, pet photography is not just dogs, it can be any pet or animal you have from a snake through to a horse and does not have to be taken in a studio either.

As you can imagine not all pets or animals are going to sit and let me take a picture, well a snake will!, but some will be nervous, some will be scared, some may even be a little aggressive. As someone who loves to be around animals, I take the time to get to know your pets and animals, gain their trust and once that happens we start on the photos. Be prepared, I may get a little goofy at this stage. Of course if you have a Retriever or Lab, as I do then all I need do is look and smile and we're instantly friends!

Prices are:

An hour long portrait session is $350, each additional hour is $150.

Travel within HRM is included free of charge, outside its $0.50 per km.