Handmade Frames

What better way to compliment your new artwork than by mounting it in a beautiful handmade frame, designed to your exact specifications. Each frame is built from scratch using reclaimed or ethically sourced wood where ever possible, with the choice and style limited only by your imagination with an average frame taking around 1 week to complete.

For the finish I only use linseed oil to bring out the grain and paste wax to give a satin smooth finish that develops a nice natural patina over time. For the hardware, I use heavy duty materials to ensure the weight of the frames is fully supported when hung.

As an example the frame below was one of a set of three commissioned for a client that were made from reclaimed rough cut dark antique pine, with maple and dark walnut spliced between that I profiled and hand sanded to a smooth finish.

For the corners I also used the same reclaimed dark walnut to add splices as I do with all frames and to finish, linseed oil and paste wax.

The following pictures show that even corner splices can be customized, these were made from soft white pine and dark walnut with the frame being maple. The second picture also shows the effect of using linseed oil and was for a natural finish.

For a final example this was a specially commissioned frame using reclaimed walnut for the outside and apple wood from my own apple tree for the splices with the main part of the frame being ash that was rough into large planks many years ago.

Each frame has a sealed dust cover placed over the back with heavy duty hardware used for hanging.